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Every piece of eyewear on display at MADOPTICAL is hand picked by our opticians for value, style, and looks. Those same opticians then help you select from our extensive collection of frames a frame perfect for your lifestyle and vision needs. We adjust each pair for an exceptional fit before it leaves our office and cover them with a one year warranty.


MADOPTICAL is proudly partnered with Walman Optical to provide a wide selection of high-quality lenses for our patients. From single vision plastic lenses to high definition progressives, every lens is tailored to fit the needs of the person wearing it and pass ANSI standards.

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Lenses can be treated in a variety of ways to better suit them to our patients. We offer CRIZAL coatings to provide anti-reflective and scratch resistant lenses that can stand up to the most demanding of situations. We can also add custom tinting, polarization, and transitions for all of your eyewear needs.